LetterPop is the best way to create and send newsletters online and in print for families, businesses, friends, churches, schools, or any other organization. No matter who you are, or who you want to communicate with, LetterPop can help you do it quickly, easily, and with style.
Letterpop was founded by three slightly scruffy yet bright friends in beautiful southern California over the Summer of 2006. Letterpop is the first product of 81miles.com.
LetterPop is a worthwhile solution when you're looking to churn out an attractive-looking newsletter (or similar document) in a hurry.
A free LetterPop account lets you publish up to 10 newsletters per year, and share them with up to 25 e-mail contacts. Paid accounts start at $25/year and give you a lot more flexibility.
Link: http://www.letterpop.com/
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