Today, Facebook added a new feature “Face Recognition” . In this feature, facebook enabled "tag suggestions" to its users from all around world. It means your friends will get an alert if someone uploads a photo that Facebook thinks contains your image. They'll be invited to tag it, and then your ID's associated with that image.

Many security analyst said this is not good for “online privacy”. If you want to protect your data and profile then you should turn off it.


Follow below steps:

1. Go to "Account" drop-down menu (Which is at the top-right corner).
2. Then click on “Privacy settings”.
3. Next choose “Custom” under the “Sharing on Facebook" button.
4.Then at the bottom, click on the little blue pencil and its "customize settings label.
5.Now scroll down to the "Things others share" section and the third list item, "Suggest photos of me to friends." .
6.Click on the "Edit Settings" button.
7. Here you find a pop-up page, select "Disabled." And then click on "OK" .
8.Now you are Done !!!

Enjoy safe Facebook.

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