Excel-icon To make excel Invisible or Hide for few minutes or seconds might be useful in some situations. The code makes excel invisible only for 10 seconds and after that excel will get visible again automatically.

So need to fist open a new Excel worksheet.

Then open Microsoft Visual Basic Editor via pressing Alt+F11 key.

then paste the following code and save.

Public Sub HideorInvisibleExcel()

'Makes the excel invisible.
Application.Visible = False

'In order to be able to get back to excel
‘there is a waiting time for 10 seconds
‘then the application will be visible again.

Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:10")

'Makes the excel visible again.
Application.Visible = True

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End Sub

You can change “TimeValue” as you wish. and you can also assign a shortcut key for your Macro from View –> Macro –> View Macro –> Options

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